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My name is Silvia. 19. Spain. I ride english since I was 8. Currently I ride a chestnut horse called Elvis, he's awesome! I hope you like my blog and ask me anything you like. ;)

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25. Julio 2014

Today at the barn my trainer told me that she is going to leave the next August because she doesn’t like how the owner manage barn and she also told me that she can’t work with only one arena and five horses for schooling (Elvis, Mimo, Cherokee, Babar and Biñol) and she will never grow as professional at the barn. 

She is going to a new barn called El Nuevo Potril (Maybe I’m wrong, ooops!) and she will run it with a guy who is very famous in the Horse world here in Spain, I think he breaks young horses (I don’t know if it’s okay, sorry) 

The thing is that my trainer told me if I wanna go with her to the new barn, because she doesn’t know who is going to train us at the barn and at El Nuevo Potril I’ll improve my riding because there they will have more schooling horses and more places to ride. (also I think that they have a Horseball team and it’s nice!!)

I don’t know what to do because I’m very comfortable at the barn, I love to be with Elvis, Mimo and the rest of the horses. Maybe I haven’t met too many people at the barn, but I still love it. Maybe, when my trainer leaves, nothing is going to be the same (I know what I mean, it’s complicated) and in that case it’s better to go to the new barn… 

What do you think about this? 

PS: sorry, I think my english is bulls***t D: